Whistleblower Aid Alleges Felony Perjury By Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Whistleblower Aid has filed a complaint accusing Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti of felony perjury with respect to his role in covering up repeated instances of sexual assault and harassment by his close advisor Rick Jacobs.

The complaint, filed yesterday on behalf of Naomi Seligman, Mayor Garcetti’s former director of communications, provides substantial evidence including documents and sworn deposition testimony to corroborate the allegation. It was submitted to a set of law enforcement bodies including the Department of Justice, the office of the California Attorney General and the office of the Los Angeles District Attorney.

The materials were also shared with the White House, the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General, and leaders of the Senate and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Garcetti’s nomination to become Ambassador to India is currently pending before the US Senate.

The complaint highlights two occasions when Mayor Garcetti lied under oath: first when he was deposed on February 8, 2021 in a lawsuit filed in response to Jacobs’ predatory behavior, and then when questioned by US Senator Jeanne Shaheen during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on December 14, 2021.

“The materials lay out in precise detail not just the extent of Rick Jacob’s misconduct, but also the repeated opportunities Eric Garcetti had to intervene and the specific instances in which he lied under oath about what he knew,” said Whistleblower Aid founder and chief disclosure officer John Tye, who is representing Seligman. “Eric Garcetti knowingly allowed his top lieutenant to harass, assault and bully people in his orbit, not just once but repeatedly and flagrantly. Then he lied about it, under oath, repeatedly. We call on law enforcement to prosecute these crimes, and for Senators to block this nomination.”

You can see the full complaint, including photographs and text messages, here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bgNEjvv8c-W7RIvdTqgKPU6_THyAK_ft/view?usp=sharing