Veteran Strategist Naomi Seligman Joins Whistleblower Aid as Vice President of External Affairs


January 19, 2023


Radim Dragomaca, [email protected]

Veteran Strategist Naomi Seligman Joins Whistleblower Aid as Vice President of External Affairs

Washington, DC – Whistleblower Aid is proud to announce that Naomi Seligman, a nationally recognized leader in strategic communications and accountability, is joining the organization in the new role of Vice President of External Affairs, effective immediately.

Seligman will work with whistleblowers to help maximize the impact of their disclosures and press for accountability from the organizations and agencies where they have exposed wrongdoing. She will also play an important role in building partnerships, growing communications capacity, and providing strategic counsel.

“Naomi’s years of experience in demanding accountability from the powerful make her a perfect fit for Whistleblower’s Aid mission and growth,” said Whistleblower Aid CEO, Libby Liu. “Time and again she has shown her drive for justice, her ingenuity, and her fearlessness in the face of determined people with deep resources over whom she has nevertheless prevailed. We feel we were fated to join forces.”

Seligman has worked extensively in politics – as a Capitol Hill staffer earlier in her career and, more recently, in the Los Angeles mayor’s office – but is best known for using her political knowledge to launch successful accountability campaigns against corrupt government leaders, lobbyists, and entrenched corporate interests. Organizations she has helped lead in this work include Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

She joins the staff of Whistleblower Aid as a whistleblower in her own right, who has spoken out about a persistent pattern of sexual abuse at Los Angeles City Hall and the role played by Eric Garcetti, the former mayor, in enabling it and seeking to cover it up. Whistleblower Aid represented her for much of 2022 and briefed dozens of Senate offices on the reasons why Mr. Garcetti, nominated by President Biden to be the next U.S. Ambassador to India, was unfit to serve.

“I am honored to help lead an organization that is so vital to our democracy,” Seligman said. “When I was targeted for telling the truth, Whistleblower Aid was an invaluable partner and support. I am passionate about working with this team in an official capacity to help other whistleblowers the way they helped me.”


Whistleblower Aid is a non-profit legal organization in Washington, D.C. supporting individuals who lawfully report government and corporate law breaking. It provides assistance to individuals in the United States and abroad seeking to disclose illegal conduct, including misconduct relating to government officials, securities fraud, sexual violence, and violations of tax, labor or environmental laws. In recent years Whistleblower Aid lawyers have represented Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen and the Ukraine whistleblower whose disclosures led to the first impeachment of President Trump.